VIDEO OF THE DAY: Motherwell 6 Hibernians 6

This game was actually played two days ago, but I never found suitable video highlights to embed here. In the Scottish Premier League on Wednesday, Motherwell hosted Hibernian in the race for 4th in the table, the last UEFA Europa League spot. Motherwell occupied 4th spot heading into the match, and Hibs were only 1 point behind. In the first half of the game Motherwell got blasted out of their own stadium, falling behind 5-2 at halftime. Hibs scored once more to make it 6-2 with just 25 minutes to go and by then you assume it’s game over, right? For as long as this video is up here, I’ll let you watch what turned out to be one of the most amazing comebacks you’ll see in soccer.

A 6-6 draw ensures Motherwell still remain in 4th with 1 game remaining, and the scoreline itself tied the world record for most goals scored in a draw game in top division league play. And to think, Hibs could’ve lost this game 7-6 if Motherwell had not missed a late penalty before that astonishing 12th goal to tie it.

It’s fitting that the other 4 games played in the SPL featured 3 goalless draws and a 2-1 while this one gets a 6-6. Just an incredible comeback.


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