Go Wigan Athletic!

That’s all I have to root for now. The final day of the Barclays Premier League season is tomorrow and the title is realistically going to be affected by the performance of the team in 15th place. Wigan Athletic play at Chelsea tomorrow, and that will decide if it will be Chelsea or Manchester United crowned champions of England. The scenarios are simple:

Chelsea wins the title if….

  • They defeat Wigan.
  • Manchester United fail to beat Stoke.

Manchester United wins the title if….

  • They defeat Stoke and Wigan draw/beat Chelsea.

Man Utd defeating Stoke is a guarantee. So the hopes of a fourpeat rests on the shoulders of Wigan. Earlier this season Wigan defeated Chelsea at the DW Stadium 3-1, giving them their first ever victory against  a “Big 4” club (Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal) in their short stay in the Premier League. Wigan’s first ever game in the top flight was in 2005 against Chelsea, which ended in a 1-0 defeat. Most recently they’ve lost 2-1 and drawn 1-1 at Stamford Bridge in the past two seasons.

It’s a familiar situation for the Latics. Two years ago Manchester United won at Wigan on the final day to win the title by the scoreline of 2-0. Hopefully they aren’t angry about that.

Ideally, Wigan holds Chelsea to a draw. A win is probably not going to happen so I want them to share the points. That’s the best possible scenario. I don’t want to see that 9-1 disaster like they had against Tottenham. So with that in mind…

I’ve always been a fan of Hugo Rodallega. Jason Scotland is my favorite player on the team. Roberto Martinez is an excellent manager. I love all things Wigan! And if you guys can’t pull out a draw by 10:00 AM Sunday PST then I guess I’ll just painfully congratulate Chelsea on winning the championship.



One thought on “Go Wigan Athletic!

  1. JFein

    Now that I am home and get FSC, I can actually watch this game!

    I’ve never seen an EPL game in my life, but the thought of crowning a league champion the last week does intrigue me.


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