Chelsea Blast Wigan to Smitherines; Win Premier League Title

Game is not over in the context of time remaining as I type this, but Chelsea are up 7-0 against a completely useless Wigan Athletic. Thanks for completely sucking and making Man Utd’s blowout win against Stoke completely irrelevant.

Chelsea are the champions for the first time since 2006. There will be no fourpeat, and unlike last year, I am not jumping for joy. Congratulations to the Blues. I guess. They were the better team than United all season and are the best team in England.

And so concludes another great season in the Barclays Premier League, but the bad guys won. I’m greedy, I wanted the 4th title and so did every other Man Utd fan, but there wasn’t enough there to pull it off.

Mark my words, United are getting the title back in May 2011. The title is coming back to Old Trafford soon.


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