Flyers Complete Insane Comeback to Eliminate Bruins

3-0 down in the series, 3-0 down in game 7, 4-3 the final in both cases for the Philadelphia Flyers. Simon Gagne’s power play winner with just over 7 minutes remaining completed an improbable rally in front of some shocked and pissed off Bruins fans. One of the most amazing comebacks in sports history is complete. Conversely the Bruins are on the end of the biggest chokejob in NHL history. No way can you blow every game and fail to defeat the backup goalie on two occasions. After time expired classy Boston fans threw towels and cups on the ice in disgust, just shocked at what they had witnessed. Meanwhile, Philadelphia fans are in a state of euphoria.

The 1975 New York Islanders were the last team to win a series after being down 3-0. Exactly 35 years later on a power play caused by yet another Too Many Men on the Ice penalty in these playoffs, the Flyers made history.

It’s Philadelphia (#7) vs. Montreal (#8) in the Eastern Conference Final. In the Western Conference it’s the San Jose Sharks (#1) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (#2). One of the two bottom seeds will face one of the top seeds in the Stanley Cup Final.

I can’t believe what I’ve seen. Congratulations to Peter Laviolette’s squad for capping off a classic and memorable series with another dramatic finish in these wild and unpredictable NHL playoffs.


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