Inter Milan vs. Bayern Munich Live Blog

It’s been a busy day in football already. Toronto FC is having an early game against the New England Revolution and Blackpool are promoted to the Barclays Premier League for the first time ever after beating Cardiff 3-2 in the Championship Playoff Final.

The day is upon us. Inter Milan vs. Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League Final live on FOX from Madrid. I will avoid the pre-game show at all costs so check back after the jump in about 15 minutes time.

11:44 – This is some incredible atmosphere. Howard Webb is the referee.

Starting lineups via the BBC:

Bayern Munich: Butt, Lahm, Van Buyten, Demichelis, Badstuber, Robben, Van Bommel, Schweinsteiger, Altintop, Muller, Olic. Subs: Rensing, Gorlitz, Klose, Pranjic, Contento, Gomez, Tymoschuk.
Inter Milan: Julio Cesar, Maicon, Lucio, Samuel, Chivu, Zanetti, Cambiasso, Eto’o, Sneijder, Pandev, Milito. Subs: Toldo, Cordoba, Stankovic, Muntari, Mariga, Materazzi, Balotelli.

1st min – Martin Tyler and Andy Gray are your commentators and we’re underway!

2nd min – Free kick to Inter taken by Wesley Sneijder. Punched away by Butt the GK.

4th min – Bayern go on the attack and a teasing ball in from (I think) Van Bommel was aimed for Ivica Olic but headed clear of danger.

5th min – Great ball to Diego Milito but he falls down. Wesley Sneijder retrieves the ball and chooses to pass from the edge of the penalty area and gives it away. Should’ve shot. Lightning start.

9th min – Great run down the right flank by Arjen Robben as he goes past two Inter defenders but Olic fires his shot wide. Never got a hold of the ball. Early warning signs from Bayern Munich.

12th min – Oh Maicon. Always ambitious. Tries a shot from 25 yards from his right back position  and it goes well wide.

13th min – Toronto FC 1 New England Revolution 0 the final. Looks like they don’t suck so much after all. Or maybe it’s because they’re at home. I’ll go with that. Meanwhile Turkish international Hamit Altintop tries his luck and it’s deflected for the first corner of the game. Robben takes it and Julio Cesar reaches and catches it with ease.

16th min – Dangerous free kick from Robben is headed away by Samuel for a corner. He takes it quickly and WOW THAT WAS AN OBVIOUS HANDBALL BY MAICON! How did the officials not see this? Should’ve been a penalty.

18th min – Free kick conceded by Bayern’s Van Bommel. Sneijder takes the free kick and it’s deflected on target by Altintop and Hans-Jorg Butt makes his first save of the game.

21st min – Pretty even so far. Not too many chances but Inter have had the best one with that deflected free kick.

23rd min – Great control by Ivica Olic, who then loses the ball but it comes right to Arjen Robben who fires it very very wide. Was a decent chance though.

25th min – Very clumsy challenge by Martin Dimichelis and he has been booked. First yellow card of the game. Sneijder takes the free kick and Butt makes a comfortable save. Straight at him.

29th min – Bayern are dominating possession but not creating enough chances. Cristian Chivu booked for a shirt tug on Robben. The free kick is poor.

32nd min – Chivu is having problems dealing with Robben’s pace and creativity. Thomas Muller just fired one pretty much out of the stadium after the Robben pass.

34th min – Deflected cross from Philippe Lahm goes graciously into the arms of Julio Cesar.

35th minGOAL for Inter Milan. What a pass from Sneijder to Diego Milito, who turns past Dimichelis and scores his 29th goal in all competitions. This all came from a goal kick taken by Julio Cesar.

37th minInter are forcing the issue. Milito looks to play Samuel Eto’o into the penalty area but the Cameroonian could not hold it down.

40th min – Hamit Altintop tries a shot but Julio Cesar has another easy save. Arjen Robben looks to turn and put up another long range bullet but that’s in the stand.

41st min – I don’t mean to brag, but in the preview post I put up I said Milito would score in the 33rd. Ended up being the 35th.

43rd min – So so close to being 2-0. Milito turned provider for Wesley Sneijder but could not finish the one-on-one opportunity. Butt makes the stop and it’s a huge one too.

45th +1 min – Stoppage time now. Bayern press for one more attack. They can’t find the final ball. Robbem then delivers a great pass to Van Bommel who shoots from 20 yards out and it skips just wide. That’s the last bit of action we’ll see.

Halftime – Inter Milan 1 Bayern Munich 0


46th minNo substitutions for either team and HOLY CRAP MULLER NEARLY SCORES RIGHT AWAY! What a chance for Bayern Munich. Should’ve tied it.Robben really pressuring Inter’s defense as well. Altintop made the pass to Muller who had his shot stopped by Cesar.

48th min– Goodness what a start. Walter Samuel pushes up from the left wing and finds Macedonian forward Goran Pandev who fires one from 15 yards away only for Butt to tip it over the bar for a corner. The corner was a waste but that was another great chance.

53rd min– Pandev is brought down a few yards outside the penalty box. Meh, looked like a dive to me but there was contact and the free kick is given. Great opportunity for Sneijder.

54th min – ……But the shot is over the bar.

55th min – Lucio just gives the ball away in his own area and Hamit Altintop goes for the near post but it hits the side netting. Half-chance at best. They’ve had 13 shots but just 2 on target.

59th min – I hate short corner kicks. Bayern try one and it nearly backfires and eventually they lose possession.

61st min – Bayern again are doing a better job of holding possession but they can’t break through Inter’s tight defense. Olic has been invisible in this one.

SUB FOR BAYERN: Altintop off, Miroslav Klose on. They bring on a forwad for a midfielder so they have begun to make their move. Free kick to Bayern Munich coming up.

63rd min – Wild scramble in the bos and Thomas Muller gets a shot away but it’s blocked out of play. Julio Cesar dove for the ball in desperation but luckily it never came to him.

65th min – Sneijder again goes for a long free kick. Past the wall but it’s Butt who stops him in the end. Again. Still 1-0 Inter…..and then Robben went for the spectactular effort and Cesar stretched out to make the save and it’s a corner……which they waste AGAIN. Their set pieces have been useless.

SUB FOR INTER: Chivu off, Dejan Stankovic on.

70th minGOAL FOR INTER MILAN! What a fantastic goal by Diego Milito. He’s just about clinched the trophy. Bayern are caught out on a counter-attack and Samuel Eto’o makes a great pass to Milito, who fakes out Daniel Van Buyten and finishes calmly with his right foot. Just 10 minutes off on my prediction but I told you he would get both goals.

75th min – Arjen Robben is doing everything he can to set up his teammates but he just can’t do it. They are failing to get good shots on goal. I didn’t see the sub but Mario Gomez is in the game for Bayern Munich. Will find out who was taken out shortly.

78th min – Milito has been clipped by Van Bommel, and Bayern’s captain is booked by Howard Webb.

SUB FOR INTER: Pandev off, Sulley Muntari on. The former Portsmouth star is making a cameo appearance.

83rd min – Robben smacks a free kick off the wall. Not much more he can offer. Inter are looking to clear the ball every chance they get. Ivica Olic, who did very little today, was taken off for Gomez, for the record.

85th min – Robben flashes a shot across the face of goal but it’s wide and out of play. One man band at this point. He’s trying to rally the team by himself.

88th min – You can sense that The Special One has got himself another title. Bayern need a miracle.

90th min – Marco Materazzi is coming on for Inter Milan. No headbutt receiving tonight hopefully. Three minutes of stoppage time. Diego Milito’s night is done.

91st min – Muller with a terrible cross out of play. Countdown is on. The 45 years of waiting is all going to pay off for Internazionale.

93rd minInter Milan 2 Bayern Munich 0 FINAL.


A 7/10 game in terms of entertainment. Decent amount of chances for both sides and great attacking play…but in the end you can’t stop Diego Milito. My prediction was scary accurate. Inter Milan win the Champions League and Jose Mourinho wins his 2nd as head manager. Thanks for joining me and you’ll see live blogs for the World Cup in a few weeks.


39 thoughts on “Inter Milan vs. Bayern Munich Live Blog

  1. JFein

    For the simple reason that I have a Zlaton Ibrahimovic Inter Milan jersey, I am rooting for Inter Milan in this game, although my intentions will be diverted slightly elsewhere today…..

    //Going to Phillies game tonight’d

    1. Mookie Post author

      Definitely picked up.

      And no I refuse to watch the halftime show. Not because of Menefee (who seems decent), but the idiots like Wynalda and Arena.

  2. JFein

    NBC’s production is currently horrible. The glare on the ice is virtually unwatchable. All they need to do is narrow the iris on the lens, but it is doubtful that they will figure it out. Very bush league from a network whom the NHL caters to time and time again.

  3. kt1000

    “The Saturday Night Fever is really coming from the Inter supporters” Martin Tyler

    nice save…

  4. kt1000

    i really hope Bayern doesn’t get screwed because of that uncalled handball in the penalty area

      1. kt1000

        oh I agree..Tyler and Gray give the game space to breathe. hopefully MT doesn’t succumb to the American style of talking about everything.

  5. kt1000

    “It’s Milito’s night, it’s Inter’s night, it’s Mourinho’s night!” Martin Tyler

  6. JFein

    While you guys are listening to Martin Tyler and Andy Gray, I’m listening to Pierre ask Eddie Olczyk if he’s ever had a facial.


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