Boston Celtics Lose Game; Many Players

Well. We have a series. The Orlando Magic murdered the Boston Celtics 113-92 to close the gap to 3-2. In the process the Celtics lost about half of their roster due to injuries and a ridiculous ejection. Rasheed Wallace, Glen “Big Baby” Davis, Kendrick Perkins, and Marquis Daniels were all gone by the final buzzer. Big Baby took an unfortunate and accidental elbow to the head from Dwight Howard in the 3rd quarter and suffered a concussion. Rasheed Wallace was limping in the 4th and after he fouled out he went to the locker room. Marquis Daniels also suffered a concussion in the 3rd and left the game. By the end of the game Shelden Williams was “guarding” Dwight Howard. Kendrick Perkins got ejected for two garbage technical fouls that should’ve never been called. It’s hard to describe them, but the 1st technical was ludicrous. All Perkins did was attempt to pick Paul Pierce up off the ground and when he slipped he accidentally elbowed a Magic player. The 2nd tech was Perkins getting upset over a foul against the Celtics but never lambasting the referee. Both should be rescinded and he should not be suspended for game 6.

We’ll find out the extent of the injuries to Davis, Daniels, and Wallace soon but it’s a cause for concern to have key players and your backups not at 100%. If Perkins doesn’t get those techs rescinded and his suspension lifted then I believe the Orlando Magic will win game 6.

These NBA Playoffs have been horrible, but maybe the next few days can salvage this crummy post-season.


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