Drama? What Drama? Celtics Eliminate Magic

There’s the boring blowouts we’ve come to know and love! The Orlando Magic got pasted 96-84 (it was worse than the score indicates) by the Boston Celtics and we can forget about the drama of a game 7. The Celts win in 6 and are off to the NBA Finals for the 2nd time in 3 seasons. They’ll face the winner of the Lakers/Suns series next Thursday.

I’d like to say I paid serious attention to the game….but I didn’t. Essentially the series was over by halftime because Orlando couldn’t rely on their three-point shooting and couldn’t defend Nate Robinson. For what it’s worth the Magic have got to dump Rashard Lewis elsewhere, because he was putrid in this series and so was Vince Carter.

Well done to Boston for stifling Orlando and ending all worries of a miraculous comeback. I was wrong. For a moment there in the regular season I thought they were too old to contend and now they’re 4 wins away from their 18th title in franchise history. As always the raucous Celtics crowd chanted “BEAT LA” in the final minutes even though the Lakers aren’t a lock to advance. I guess they’re really rooting for the Suns.


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