VIDEO OF THE DAY: Ron Artest….at the Buzzer?

Hey look! It’s an interesting NBA Playoff game! For the first time all post-season we’ve got ourselves a buzzer-beating “no time left” winner. The Los Angeles Lakers did what they usually do at home…blow a large deficit (18) but escape with a narrow win. It’s how they beat the Phoenix Suns to go up 3-2 in the Western Conference Finals that is bizarre. Ron Artest, who had another terrible shooting day, took consecutive ill-advised shots with under a minute remaining in regulation. One of those shots was off an offensive rebound where they could’ve milked the clock….instead he chose to fire up a three (missed) with :22 on the shot clock.

Luckily the Suns failed to tie the game on the ensuing possession. The Lakers had another chance to ice the game when Pau Gasol went for a powerful dunk but lost the handle and missed. Phoenix just put up three point shots like crazy and on the 3rd try Jason Richardson banked a prayer in with 3.5 left to tie the game at 101-101. All of this probably never would’ve happened if Artest didn’t try to be a hero….or if the Lakers didn’t blow an 18 point lead.

The video of the day shows how cruel sports can be. Kobe Bryant’s game-winning attempt fell short but Ron Artest beat out Jason Richardson for the improbable winner.

You can hear a very audible “NO!!!!!” from Richardson at the end. Unbelievable stuff. The Lakers won 103-101 and now are 1 win away from returning to the NBA Finals to defend their title.

So while I could bash the Lakers for nearly choking away the game (and possibly the series), and question why Ron Artest is allowed to shoot 10 shots in 1 game, I’ll just say I’m glad we finally got ourselves a great playoff game to watch.


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