Jim Joyce Robs Tigers Pitcher of Perfect Game

I rarely make baseball posts because I’m not a baseball fan. Sure I know most of the rules but just don’t care for the sport. However, I could not pass this one up. Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga had a perfect game against the Cleveland Indians with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th. It’s one thing to lose your perfect game to a home run or a player error, but it’s another when 1st base umpire Jim Joyce (AKA Enrico Palazzo) completely blows a call that would’ve given Galarraga perfection.

How much more out do you have to be? Joyce called it safe at the plate and Galarraga’s perfect game was ruined. He won the game 3-0 and pitched a still spectacular one-hitter….but that’s not right. Joyce’s Wikipedia page has been bombarded with vandalism for ruining a perfectly valid out. The play in real time wasn’t even close in my view. I feel sorry for Galarraga because he got completely jobbed.

Those plays should be re-viewable. No doubt about it.


One thought on “Jim Joyce Robs Tigers Pitcher of Perfect Game

  1. Rick James Bible Owner

    If Selig was against expanding replay after the blown calls in last year’s playoffs, this history-robbing flub won’t change his mind. I just hope Jim Joyce (despite owning the botched call and his personal apologies to Galarraga & Leyland afterward) isn’t behind the plate tomorrow.


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