Ottawa Youth Soccer League Punishes Winning

For those who wonder why the rest of the world laughs at North America and their historically futile attempts to play soccer, this is the reason. In Ottawa, Canada a children’s recreational league has decided to prevent lopsided scorelines in the most ridiculous way possible. If you lead by more than 5 goals then you actually lose. Seriously.

A team that wins a soccer game by more than five goals will be declared the loser in an Ottawa children’s recreational soccer league.

The new policy of the Gloucester Dragons Recreational Soccer league takes the fun out of the game, complains 17-year-old Kevin Cappon, one of 3,000 players in the league’s 200 teams for children and youth aged five to 18.

Cappon said he found out about the rule from the referee when he scored the last allowable goal for his team during a recent exhibition game, bringing the score to 6-1 early in the second half.

“I couldn’t really believe it, but I wasn’t going to doubt the referee,” he told CBC’s Ottawa Morning Monday.

His team spent the next 20 minutes just passing the ball and keeping it from their opponents, he recalled.

Really? No mercy rule? There was no better way to solve this issue? What a stupid and preposterous idea. Why would you punish the winning team because they’re scoring too many goals? That’s like punishing the 2007 New England Patriots for winning by too many touchdowns. I’ve been on the end of shellackings before and my self-esteem never got hurt. These kids can’t possibly be that sensitive.

Losing by plenty of goals happens sometimes…that’s how life works. I guess these parents are trying to protect their kids from reality. Besides, if I was the coach of a team losing by 5 goals, wouldn’t this just encourage me to score 1 own goal to win the game? Makes sense to me. Similarly, if wars worked this way and one country (say….Germany) had 5 times the soldier kill rate of another, shouldn’t that force the Germans to forfeit?

There is no way this can work. It’s a rule that makes no logcial sense in the first place when there are better ways to fix any influx of 11-0 scorelines. I guess they’ll just continue while Brazil, Argentina, Italy, and Spain pound the snot out of Canada and the US for future generations. Put out the fire before it spreads to the point where no kid playing in rec sports knows what failure is like.


3 thoughts on “Ottawa Youth Soccer League Punishes Winning

  1. kt1000

    This is laughably stupid, but silly rec rules aren’t the main reason the US or Canada is winning the World Cup anytime soon.


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