NBA Finals Game 6: It Ends Tonight

…At least I hope so. Tonight the Boston Celtics will win banner #18 in Los Angeles. The Lakers have to be finished and they pretty much did it to themselves by insisting that Ron Artest was competent. I hope this NBA Finals ends because I can’t take another game of this stuff. While only 1 game has been a blowout we haven’t had one instance where the game was decided in the final seconds. The contests are low-scoring and at times the play has looked sloppy and boring. Fouls have been the talking point of this series and there has been no sign of fluidity at all.

I know the Lakers/Celtics rivalry is fierce but when you compare this series to the 1980s… realize how boring the NBA has become.

Celtics 93 Lakers 80

Rajon Rondo will win MVP even if he goes 1-14 tonight from the free throw line shooting.

Please Boston, put us out of our misery and end this thing before it drags on even further.


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