French Football Team Falling Apart

If there is any reason to pick South Africa to beat France on Tuesday, it’s the French going into meltdown mode. Yesterday star striker Nicolas Anelka was sent home after an argument with soon-to-be ousted coach Raymond Domenech. Today it all blew up.

France’s players refused to train on Sunday following Nicolas Anelka’s expulsion from the squad for verbally abusing coach Raymond Domenech.

Domenech read out a statement from his squad which said: “The French Football Federation did not at any time try to protect the group.

“To show our opposition to the decision taken [on Anelka], all the players decided not to take part in training.”

The French Football Federation’s managing director subsequently quit.

Moments before a public training session was about to begin, Domenech had to separate captain Patrice Evra and fitness coach Robert Duverne.

Duverne is understood to have stormed away from an argument with Manchester United left-back Evra, throwing his accreditation badge to the ground.

The players then left the pitch and walked towards the bus where they had a meeting with Domenech behind closed curtains.

The drama continues. It’s obvious the coach is out of favor and sending Anelka home was the final straw. Amazing how Italy and France have had a 180 degree turnaound after reaching the final in 2006. While Italy look old, are playing poorly, and drawing with New Zealand, the French look old, are playing poorly, losing to Mexico, and are in turmoil internally.

We probably aren’t seeing France in the knockout stages so the aftermath of their World Cup will be quite a big storyline as they prepare for Euro 2012 qualification later in the year.


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