Dear FIFA, Fix Human Errors

Enough is enough. PLEASE add instant replay and goal-line technology in soccer. Humans make mistakes but it’s 2010 and technology can correct this. This is not 1966 where cameras were nowhere near the HD quality today, and the number of camera angles was scarce. If that were the case then maybe we would know if Geoff Hurst’s shot crossed the line against West Germany in the World Cup Final. Maybe it was the right call and England would rightfully win, or maybe it was wrong and West Germany got hosed.

Instant replay is used in just about every sport except soccer, and I think it’s time to change that. These are blown calls that need to be corrected and they take no more than 30 seconds. I suggest that in the event we have a disputed goal like in the England vs. Germany game that play is stopped as soon as possible, and just like in the NHL you have someone (the replay official) look at the replay and determine whether or not the goal should count. No doubt it would take no more than a few seconds and the stoppage in play would just be added on to stoppage time.

The offside goal scored by Carlos Tevez yesterday for Argentina against Mexico would not have counted if we had replay. FIFA’s neat little offside line helps a lot in determining if the linesman was correct in his offside decision or not.

I would be against having an NFL-style challenge system for soccer to come along with replay because…well…it’s pointless. Just have someone in FIFA headquarters tell the referee to stop play for a review and see what happens there. It is very rare for these moments to frequently happen in a soccer game so I don’t see it disrupting the flow of the game or extending stoppage time significantly.

Mexico and England have more reason to feel upset than the US does in the infamous Slovenia game. They had huge goal decisions go against them when replay could’ve solved the issue, while the disallowed goal against Slovenia was given for a foul, which was a (bad) judgment call. Granted you could say that with replay that Clint Dempsey’s first half goal against Algeria would have counted.

FIFA must quit being stubborn about their technology refusal and learn to embrace it. Considering how important results are in soccer compared to any other sport in the world these calls have to be on the spot and when the officials aren’t up to it then just go to the monitors and make your decision. I do not want a World Cup Final ending in a similar way to 1966, and no one else does either.


One thought on “Dear FIFA, Fix Human Errors

  1. JFein

    Outside of the United States, Argentina is my favorite soccer team, but I have to agree, that was a terrible error on the assistant referee’s part.

    I don’t understand how much of a burden it would be to FIFA to install goalline technology for the rare occasion of a ball like this. It’s embarrassingly simple and will do wonders for the game’s integrity as it would be a complete sham in this day and age if a World Cup Final was determined by a goal or non-goal the referees flat out missed.


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