Chris Simms Makes Self Relevant; Gets Arrested

Chris Simms is everything his father Phil wasn’t in his NFL career….and by that I mean competent. Simms is the Luke Walton of football, only Walton still occupies a roster for reasons unknown. Instead of resurrecting his career he’s chosen the negligent option and gotten himself arrested for smoking dope. But wait! That’s not all!

Tennessee Titans quarterback Chris Simms was busted early this morning in the West Village driving high on marijuana with his 8-months pregnant wife in the passenger seat, The Post has learned.

Simms and his wife Danielle, both 29 of Nashville, were stopped as Simms drove their 2009 Mercedes Benz through an NYPD Manhattan South Task Force checkpoint on W. Houston Street at about 1:05 a.m., according to a source.

“I was smoking marijuana in the car earlier,” Simms told cops, prosecutor Lauren Perry said during Simms’ arraignment this afternoon in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Very responsible, Chris. I’m fairly certain now that the Titans have three QBs on their roster with….rather interesting incidents on their record (Kerry Collins, Vince Young, Chris Simms). I guess there will be a suspension in order for Mr. Simms. Very wise to have your kid in the car — with your wife carrying another one– and risking everyone’s lives by driving while high as a kite.

Simms’ arrest is tame compared to Cedric Benson’s assault charge (it’s not an NFL offseason until a Bengals player is arrested) and the whole Michael Vick party fiasco. Oh how I missed you, NFL!


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