That Didn’t Go to Plan

In a tragic twist of fate, Spain has made the World Cup Final, beating Germany 1-0 on a Carles Puyol goal in the 73rd minute. I did not expect Germany to play tentative, scared football against a very vulnerable Spanish side. Just when I thought Spain’s endless passing sequence with the odd shot on goal would be the reason they’d get squashed by the Germans, they went out and executed their same dull gameplan and won.

The stupid Octopus better not pick Spain or else I’m bracing for a depressing World Cup Final. Spain are a great team but why must they be so dull? They’ve won all of their knockout matches by a score of 1-0 and have scored only 7 goals all tournament. Even Italy scored 11 at this same stage in the 2006 World Cup.

Hopefully the Dutch do not take the Spaniards lightly and force them out of their usual calm, passing rhythm. Germany was so stagnant offensively and did not seem to want to tackle any Spain player.

I can respect Spain’s defense because it’s top-notch but their offense is painful to watch. Alas we will have a new World Cup winner, which isn’t a bad way for Africa’s first World Cup to end. It’s just disappointing that Germany/Holland won’t come to fruition because I think that would’ve been way more entertaining than the potential disaster we’ll get on Sunday.

In an unrelated story, Howard Webb of England has been tipped for the World Cup Final referee. This is his 2nd major tournament final officiated this year, having just done the UEFA Champions League Final back in May. Looks like England has a finalist after all.

Live-blog coming this Sunday, but until then arm yourselves with pillows and blankets because this final may cause drowsiness.


10 thoughts on “That Didn’t Go to Plan

    1. Mookie Post author

      Very nice article. I agree with a lot of your points particularly involving the pay. Granted I thought the Spain game was dull and possession only matters if you are creating successful chances, which Spain has hardly done in this tournament.

  1. JFein

    If only for their respective political histories, a Netherlands-Germany game would have been extremely fun and awesome. Regardless, I will be rooting for the Dutch to win this game. Which all but ensures it will be Spain who wins in yet another dull 1-0 win. I actually typed my Phillies mid-way point post during that Germany-Spain game because it was so boring…

    1. Peter Reynolds

      Well, if Germany Spain was boring….?

      I don’t understand that. For me it was the best football match I’ve watched in 25 years!

      I’m for Holland to win.

      1. JFein

        Spain outshot Germany 13-5. Only 2 of Germany’s shots were on goal. The game ended 1-0 and once Spain got the goal, it never felt like Germany was going to get an equalizer. You can have 0-0 and 1-0 games be exciting…..but that game was neither exciting nor memorable. Both teams need to show up for a game to be great. Only Spain showed up in that semifinal.

        Uruguay-Netherlands was a much better semifinal match.

      2. Mookie Post author

        Don’t think Sunday’s game was defensible. Poor game mostly caused by Holland’s cruel fouling but a lot of Spain’s really dull passing game.


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