Obligatory “Alexi Lalas and John Harkes” Must Be Fired Post

Alexi Lalas: “I’m going to say it, MLS could and should win.”

Final Score: Manchester United 5 MLS All-Stars XI 2

This is the same man who thought Spain/Holland would be an entertaining affair and end 3-2 to the Dutch. But going back to the original comment Lalas pretty much thought that the MLS All-Stars would beat Manchester United’s 2nd team today. By the 23rd….second of the game Federico Macheda stole a lazy pass and scored and Man Utd never looked back. Lalas takes way too much stock in MLS even in friendlies and needs to be fired.

Lalas is tame compared to John Harkes, who makes my ears bleed.

“[Sir Alex Said] I want to walk away with as many minimum injuries as possible”

“Indecisive decisions.”

He also made a comment about Fabio Da Silva cramping up because it was hot in Houston. Sure let’s ignore the fact that the game was played indoors with air conditioning in the late evening….

He’s getting dangerously close to the “Worse than Marcelo Balboa” level because he can’t string a proper sentence together and adds nothing as analyst. All he needs to do is contradict himself at least 3 times a game and he’ll officially be worse than Balboa.

I praised ESPN a lot during the World Cup, but when you look at their coverage for everything else soccer-related it’s still awful. Please find some new talent and get Harkes and Lalas out ASAP.

EDIT: It’s been confirmed by a few that Harkes on multiple occasions called Danny Welbeck “Wellman”. This is not nitpicking, people. He’s absolutely atrocious in the booth.


2 thoughts on “Obligatory “Alexi Lalas and John Harkes” Must Be Fired Post

  1. Neilski

    On the Alexi Lalas front I could not agree more. Coming from the UK (living in the US) I had not really followed MLS much and not familiar with Lalas before ESPN and the world cup. In the overall I thought ESPN did a fantastic job with the world cup and gathered one of the best commentating teams with the one stunning exception of……Alexi Lalas. I could not believe that such arrogance and over the top opionated ego would have been brought into the mix. His constant interruptions of other commentators, arguing and at times demeaning commentary on particular countries was too much to take. I never twitter, nevery. I twittered about this guy.

    I believe Alexi Lalas has a real bug about the EPL being ranked as one of the most competitive leagues in the world and therefore a dislike (bordering on hatred) for anything English in football/soccer. To me it was sad because you really want to see soccer take the stage in the US which I think it is but to have this guy as one of its ambassadors is embarrassing. Did you notice last night at half-time he couldn’t talk about Man Utd’s because it would have to focus on something that was against his grain to speak positive – all he could was focus on the All Stars and their problems. They were destroying his kick-off assessment.

    Alexi Lalas has a bloated view of himself. It would be so nice to see some less ego-centric, smart, objective US Soccer commentators on the face of the sport rather than this guy.

    Can somebody please make Alexi Lalas……..GO AWAY!


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