Too Late, Leavy

You’re too late. Despite the photo, I don’t solely blame the refs for the Seahawks losing the Super Bowl (I mostly blame Jerramy Stevens and Mike Holmgren) but boy did they ever play a part. In the article he references two blown 4th quarter calls, which I can only assume were:

1.) The Sean Locklear “hold” which negated a rare moment of Stevens brilliance and nullified 1st and goal at the 1 with the score 14-10 Pittsburgh. This led to….

2.) The illegal low block call on Matt Hasselbeck when he was picked off by Ike Taylor. Leavy’s crew managed to mistake an attempt at a tackle with a freaking block.

Leavy can proudly say he affected the outcome of one of the worst Super Bowls ever by being the leader of the pack for the worst officiating crew ever to ref a championship game.


One thought on “Too Late, Leavy

  1. 49er16

    It only took him five years to admit it…………….

    BTW, I’m glad we agree on that Super Bowl being one of the worst Super Bowl’s ever.


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