BREAKING NEWS: Mariners Fire Don Wakamatsu

By no means am I a baseball fan but I just saw on the local news that the Seattle Mariners have fired Don Wakamatsu as their manager since they’re 42-70 and one of the worst teams in baseball. Two coaches also got axed from the team. Just last season Wakamatsu managed a Mariners team that was not too far away from earning a wild card spot. In a season full of turmoil it looks like Wakamatsu has been made the fall guy.

The Tacoma Rainiers manager Daren Brown will now replace Wak for the rest of their train wreck season.

Just a quick look at some Mariners sites and it appears we’ve got some mixed reaction. Please help a baseball novice out here and tell me if the problem is the players and not the manager.


2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Mariners Fire Don Wakamatsu

    1. Mookie Post author

      Thanks for that.

      Also when I wrote this there was an update afterwards which stated all of the coaches had been fired. Wow.


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