Home game = Win. Road game = Forfeit.

No those aren’t your lottery number picks for tonight. That is Toronto FC’s road record in league play since year one. Last night they lost 1-0 to the New York Red Bulls in a game which could’ve gotten them 2nd place in the Eastern Conference standings. I’ll spare you the details of the game and cut to the chase. There is a huge problem with TFC playing away from BMO Field. Good teams find a way to win on the road against inferior teams and manage at least a draw against superior teams…..Toronto FC does neither and that’s exactly why they haven’t made the playoffs.

Road Record by Season

Season W D L Pts GS GA
2007 1 4 10 7 8 31
2008 3 1 11 10 17 31
2009 2 5 8 11 17 32
2010 1 1 7 4 7 16
Total 7 11 36 32 49 110

W = Win
D = Draw
L = Loss
Pts = Points
GS = Goals Scored
GA = Goals Allowed

What a dumpster fire of a record. The Seattle Sounders have barely been in the league and they’ve got 8 road wins while TFC is stuck on 7 in 3.5 seasons. What’s preventing them from being one of the worst teams in the MLS is their much better home record:

Season W D L Pts GS GA
2007 5 3 7 18 17 18
2008 6 7 2 25 17 12
2009 8 4 3 28 20 14
2010 6 4 0 22 14 5
Total 25 18 12 93 68 49

See? Much better. TFC hasn’t even lost at home this season!! It is natural for teams to struggle on the road and have worse results than at home, but winning only 13% of your matches is disgraceful. I can think of several factors that have contributed to this:

1.) Coaching. Every coach TFC has had we’ve gotten this annoying tendency to “play not to lose” by going for the 0-0 draw or trying to sit on a 1 goal lead with plenty of time remaining.

2.) Mo Johnston. It’s no secret I’m not a Mo Johnston fan. Mo’s lack of signing a very good striker has cost Toronto many matches both home and away, but it hurts TFC more when they have no one to rely on consistently to get a crucial goal. Just two seasons ago Jeff Cunningham and Carlos Ruiz were stinking up the pitch missing sitters and being really ineffective.

3.) Players. No matter who is in the starting lineup  they all have equally laid an egg. They pass as accurately as Derek Anderson and score about as often as AC Green. Then when they go back home it’s like a complete 180 and I just don’t understand it.

Toronto FC has got 6 more road games and if they can’t get a win out of any of them then they’re not going to the playoffs. This trend is embarrassing and it’s time to snap out of it or else this is another wasted year….on the plus side there is NO WAY they can keep Mo Johnston.


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