Jay Mariotti Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge

This is a story I cannot pass up. Earlier this morning sports columnist and resident Around the Horn screamer Jay Mariotti was arrested in Los Angeles on a domestic violence charge. As of 12:00 PM he has since been released from jail on $50,000 bail. The LA Times reported:

LAPD sources said Mariotti allegedly got into an argument with his girlfriend at a club in Santa Monica. The argument continued at the couple’s apartment in Venice, where some type of physical altercation allegedly occurred. Police were called to the apartment, and Marioitti was arrested.

After reading the official information from the LA Sheriff’s Department Inmate Info Center he was arrested at 4:30 AM, booked and charged at 5:45 AM, and his court appearance is set for September 17th. I can only assume that he’ll be away from Around the Horn and Fanhouse for many many weeks.

Mariotti always got on athletes for their criminal behavior and made it clear on both ATH and Fanhouse, and now it looks like the old “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” has come up for him. Of course everyone is innocent until proven guilty so we’ll see how this turns out, but if the charges are true then Jay is an idiot who should get canned by ESPN.

This is the 2nd arrest of a sports TV personality in just a few days. St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin was arrested and charged with a DUI, which is fitting considering the Cardinals play in Busch Stadium.

Considering how revered Mariotti is around the sports blogosphere, I am pretty sure anyone who is on Deadspin, The Big Lead, Sports by Brooks, etc. are having the time of their lives.


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