Packers 27 Seahawks 24: Winners and Losers

Why do the Packers always beat the Seahawks? Winners and losers after the jump.


Matt Hasselbeck. Maybe I won’t write him off just yet because I just saw a glimmer of hope shine through the window. Hass was 11-15 for 127 yards and a touchdown to Deion Branch in the 1st half. He showed some zip in his throws and pocket awareness for the first time in months.

Leon Washington. He didn’t play much, but his 11 yard TD run showed explosive quickness through the gaps and speed  reminiscent of his New York Jets days.

Dexter Davis. Out of all the rookies on this team Davis has been the most impressive. The LB from Arizona State recorded a sack, a forced fumble, and a fumble recovery all in one play against Matt Flynn in the 2nd half and has 2 sacks in total in his preseason stint.

Marcus Trufant. Amazing shutdown corner skills against starters and scrubs alike by Tru. It is preseason but hopefully that performance will translate to the regular season and he’ll return to Pro Bowl form.

Josh Wilson. Please take Kelly Jennings’ job.


Charlie Whitehurst. Well….that didn’t work out too well. Whitehurst was very panicky and threw a really horrible interception Brett Favre would be proud of, floating the ball in the air across the field for a Packers DB to receive. He made some nice throws and threw a touchdown to Ben Obomanu but pretty much everything else was ugly.

Pass rush. I’m serious, I don’t think the Seahawks will record 30 sacks this season. Aaron Rodgers was given weeks to throw out there against the starting defense.

–  Julius Jones. It’s not that he was bad (he hurdled over a defender on a screen pass), but Leon Washington and Justin Forsett are probably better at this point.

Russell Okung. He unfortunately got injured by his own teammate, fellow offensive lineman Ben Hamilton, and is out 2-4 weeks with a high ankle sprain. It appears he has met the Seahawks requirement of at least one injury during the season.

John Carlson. Two dropped passes. Not good.

I don’t really care about the scoreline as long as I see individual performances. Seattle lost a preseason game for the first time since 2008; when they went unbeaten in the 2009 preseason the regular season just went swimmingly!  Minnesota is next and considering how solid their defense is I highly suggest starting JP Losman so he can…….have some reps and take one for the team.


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