What’s On Tap For September

Posting has been sporadic, light, sparse, whatever you want to call it. Fact of the matter is I suffered severe NFL withdrawal and now I pretty much have it back. So on that note here’s some regular features you can expect to see for this month and likely the rest of the football season:

  • NFL Live-Blogs. I’ve figured out how to use Cover it Live on WordPress, so for select weeks of the season I will be hosting Sunday football talk (along with the usual suspects) and providing you updates on as many games as we possibly can. If you’re a troll and act like a moron you will be banned.
  • The Morning Aftermath. I’ve changed the name from What the Losers Are Saying to The Morning Aftermath. For those who don’t know the concept of this segment it is meant to highlight blogs and comments from fans of several of the losing teams from the past NFL week. It will likely be published on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Weekly predictions. Most of my game picks are wrong so I guess I’ll aim for a .600 success rate this year.

That’s about it for the moment but this place will be very busy over the next 5 months. Oh, I’ve started up a Fantasy Football League at Flea Flicker. There are 8 spots open and if you’re interested then sign-up, click on the link below and type in the password “ssr”. The draft is next week so fill these spots up quickly and familiarize yourself with the system.



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