Playoffs and Super Bowl Picks

AFC preview and NFC preview.

AFC Playoff Picture

#1 Indianapolis Colts
#2 Baltimore Ravens
#3 Miami Dolphins
#4 San Diego Chargers
#5 Houston Texans
#6 New York Jets

NFC Playoff Picture

#1 New Orleans Saints
#2 Dallas Cowboys
#3 Green Bay Packers
#4 San Francisco 49ers
#5 Minnesota Vikings
#6 Atlanta Falcons

Wild Card Round

#3 Dolphins def. #6 NY Jets
#5 Texans def. #4 Chargers

#3 Packers def. #6 Falcons
#5 Vikings def. #4 49ers


Divisional Round

#2 Ravens def. #3 Dolphins
#1 Colts def. #5 Texans

#3 Packers def. #2 Cowboys
#1 Saints def. #5 Vikings


Championship Game

#2 Ravens def. #1 Colts
#3 Packers def. #1 Saints


Super Bowl XLV

Green Bay Packers 23 Baltimore Ravens 14

So there you have it. I like the prolific and elite offense of the Packers to do enough to edge out the young and hungry Baltimore Ravens in Arlington, TX. I have Norv Turner as the only coach here who is fired despite a playoff appearance, and Aaron Rodgers as your Super Bowl MVP. Other awards include:

Regular Season MVP: Drew Brees (QB, New Orleans Saints)
Offensive Rookie of the Year: Ryan Mathews (RB, San Diego Chargers)
Defensive Rookie of the Year: Eric Berry (S, Kansas City Chiefs)
Coach of the Year: Tony Sparano (Miami Dolphins)

And for tonight’s game I like the Saints over the Vikings 34-22. Enjoy your football folks.


4 thoughts on “Playoffs and Super Bowl Picks

  1. Alky

    The ultimate “trendy” pick. While you may like the Pack’s explosive offense, their defense was, as you used the word earlier, “deplorable.” No one in the world is going to say the Saints have the worst/best defense…its in the middle. Still though, they held the Cards to 14. The Pack held them to about 85. Last I checked, they havent done anything to improve it, and Charles Woodson is yet another year older. Pass heavy teams like the 09-10 Cardinals and Vikings gave the Pack secondary issues. No doubt about it the Packers offense will single-handedly win games, but their defense is going to have to step it up in the playoffs.

    The Ravens are interesting. They have perhaps two of the best NUMBER 2 Wrs in the NFL throughout the past 4-5 years. Can either of them step up to a number 1 spot? Can Boldin catch the deep ball that Flaaco is capable of throwing? Will Ray Rice be effective again? There are A LOT of questions revolving around the Ravens. Can their defense survive 6 games w/out Ed Reed? Between the injuries on Defense (that Samari Rolle guy also), a young QB and RB, and two WRs who have never been with the team before, the Ravens will be a good team, but the Super Bowl might be a stretch.

    1. Mookie Post author

      It is a trendy pick but even in defeat I was really impressed with their offense against the Cardinals. They could be like the 2006 Colts. Useless defense, great passing offense, passable rushing attack.

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