Matt Hasselbeck Destroys Hope

INT #1 – Floats a ball in the mile high Denver air and Champ Bailey gets an easy INT, wasting an excellent opening drive in which they were ready to lead 7-0.

INT #2 – Down 14-0 but at the Broncos 28, Hasselbeck does not step up in the pocket under slight pressure and throws a wounded duck to Brian Dawkins. It should’ve been a pass to a wide open John Carlson but the ball was poorly thrown and ended another great drive.

Overthrow (24-7) – I’m not sure I understand going for it on 4th down in FG range, but Hasselbeck went for the touchdown and threw it out of the end zone. Deion Branch was the intended receiver but he was covered like a blanket.

INT #3 (31-14) – The game was over but he decided to throw a 3rd INT anyway to Perrish Cox.

The offensive gameplanning looks great, I like Jeremy Bates’ play-calling, but Matt Hasselbeck is killing drives, killing me, and taking away/giving the other team points. Charlie Whitehurst will start by season’s end eventually. I can feel it.

Oh, and thank you Walter Thurmond III. No more punt returning ever again.


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