I Was Right, You Didn’t Fool Me

Time to flush this sucker down once more.

I’m wrong about a lot of things. Occasionally I knock one out of the park but why did it have to be this one? On May 24th Toronto FC was playing respectable soccer and looked to have finally turned the corner towards their first ever playoff berth. I for one ended up not drinking the Kool-Aid:

I’ve seen this story before. Toronto FC has a solid run of form and then capitulates during the summer. That’s been the story for 3 years running and now it appears that we’re headed for a 4th if we follow the trend. Way too often TFC start slowly (lose to start the season), have a resurgence, suck during the summer months and finish poorly, and the quality of the team doesn’t really seem to matter all that much. This started since year one…

Later in the article I pointed out how often Toronto FC took a summer vacation like college kids and by the time their backs were against the wall they folded like a cheap tent. Guess what happened this year?!!


June: 0-0-2

July: 1-2-2

August: 1-2-1

September: 1-3-1


Total: 3-7-6 (15 pts out of a possible 51)

Deplorable as always. Bravo. As things stand they are 8-11-7, currently on pace to perform worse than their 10-11-9 standing from 2009. Enthralling.

Every year. Happens every time without a hitch. Mercifully Mo Johnston has been fired and once this wretched season is over the slate will be wiped clean of everything he touched and we can start anew the right way.

With 4 games to go, TFC sits 7 points out of the final playoff spot occupied by the Colorado Rapids. Three of the four games remaining are on the road (including this weekend against Seattle Sounders FC)* and they have a putrid 2-8-2 record. Yeah, the season is effectively over and frankly I’d rather this campaign be done with instead of facing first round humiliation in the playoffs.

For four seasons Mo Johnston was the type of GM who would put the cart before the horse, pluck and season a chicken before killing it, and put shoes on first before socks. The offseason was his time to dismantle the roster, patch it together with inexperienced rookies and old people, and consider it “playoff caliber”. He’s run out of chances and I’m thankful for that. I’ve discussed Mo’s ineptitude to death and I probably won’t do so for a long time. Mo is gone, and a new era will begin March 2011.

In conclusion, I thank Toronto FC for (unfortunately) proving me right and managing to waste the better part of three months. If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then Toronto FC should check in to Bellevue right now.

* – No, I’m not spending one penny or taking the 20 mile trip to Qwest Field to watch them shoot themselves in the foot. I could watch on TV…in fact I probably will, because once the game gets out of hand I’ll hop right over to the college football or have a quick jog.


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