GIF OF THE DAY: George Roop KOs Korean Zombie at WEC 51

I wondered whether or not I should’ve done a WEC 51 live blog last night, but between that and commentating at my computer probably would’ve flipped me off and called it a day.

Last night’s KO of the Night featured George Roop against Chan Sung Jung, known as the “Korean Zombie”. Jung fought Leonard Garcia at WEC 48 in April and put up one of the best fights I’ve ever seen. I wanted to see more of Korean Zombie after that amazing fight he somehow lost because the judges are blind. Now? Nighty night Zombie.

Violent stuff. In the main event Jose Aldo defended his featherweight title after ferociously beating down challenger Manny Gamburyan in the 2nd round.

The WEC never fails to deliver. Dear Dana White, UFC + WEC = Winning merger.

Strangely enough that kick must have been thunderous enough to have my head hurt all day so don’t expect much posting for the next few days aside from my NFL Week 4 predictions.


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