Toronto FC Eliminated From Postseason Contention

It was gonna come sooner or later, so it came tonight. By virtue of San Jose’s 2-0 win over DC United it is beyond mathematical possibility for Toronto FC to achieve a playoff berth. Four seasons, no playoffs, and now they’ll have to rebuild under a new management.

It’s a “meh” elimination as it’s been coming since their normal summer slump kicked off in August, but it just bugs me so much that the Seattle Sounders are going to be in the playoffs again, the Philadelphia Union have a promising future as a potential playoff team, yet Toronto FC looks like the worst expansion team in MLS history.

RIP 2010 Season, we knew ye well as it ended up being a carbon copy for seasons 1-3.

And in case you’re wondering, Toronto FC is losing as we speak, 1-0 on the road to Chivas USA. At this point you wonder whether or not it makes any sense to trot out the usual gang of incompetents and instead call up some academy kids and routine benchwarmers. I can only take so much of Nick Garcia during the regular season but how bad could he potentially be with no motivation?

UPDATE: 3-0 LOSS! WHOO HOO!!! AWESOME!!!! Rooting for this team is a freaking chore.


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