Can This NFL Season Suck a Little Less?

I can’t be the only one who thinks that so far this NFL season blows. Depending on tonight’s Vikings/Jets result every week we’ll have seen the average margin of victory at 9 or higher. There are no undefeated teams left after 5 weeks and BOY OH BOY the  NFC looks worse than terrible.

The Arizona Cardinals have put up a grand total of 3 offensive touchdowns in three weeks yet they’re 3-2 and atop the NFC West. Both the Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers pulled their starting QBs and the Bears won by 17 despite 4 interceptions by Todd Collins to go with his 32 yards passing. There are SEVEN teams in the whole league at .500 or better with a negative point differential, yet the 1-4 Lions have a +14 point diff thanks to their obliteration of the St. Louis Rams.

Going back to the NFC, I dare you to pick out a Super Bowl caliber team. Atlanta? I’ll give you that but who else stands out here? Only three NFC sides have just one loss (AFC has five) and the absurdly premature playoff picture stands like this:

1.) Atlanta Falcons

2.) Chicago Bears

3.) Washington Redskins

4.) Arizona Cardinals

5.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

6.) Green Bay Packers


The Atlanta Falcons are the only good team in the NFC. Chicago has severe offensive line issues; the Redskins scrape by with victories; the Cardinals win at home and get blown to bits on the road; the Buccaneers are decent; the Packers might be the least disciplined team in football.

This season is driving me insane because it might be the last of the NFL until 2012 due to the potential 2011 lockout. It’s all perception but even with the close games there has been lots of poor play, ugly pieces of garbage like Bears/Giants, and far too many mediocre teams.

I wonder whether or not 10-6 can get an NFC team a first round bye because it definitely looks that way.



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