VIDEO: Alphonso Smith Does “Carlton Dance”

My last post was an angry mini-rant on how lousy this NFL season has been, but this one is a gem. The Detroit Lions won their first game of the season and DB Alphonso Smith finished it off in style, intercepting Sam Bradford and returning it for a touchdown. Clearly the best part of this play was his homage to Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


YES! YES! YES!!!! Alphonso Smith manages creativity despite the NFL’s increasingly stricter touchdown celebration rules. Any coincidence the actor who played Carlton was also named Alphonso? Wonder if that was on his mind.

Big win for the Detroit Lions….mostly as it violently squashes any potential idea the Rams are good.


3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Alphonso Smith Does “Carlton Dance”

    1. Mookie Post author

      So real men wear pink but they don’t dance?

      I gotta look up the “real man” book and see what else I’ve been missing.


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