Non-Sports Related: Please Cancel S#*! My Dad Says

Yep. Cancel it now.

I expected the show to suck (and it did) so can CBS PLEASE cancel the abortion of a sitcom that is $#*! My Dad Says? The title alone tells you that the material from the actual twitter account and the equally funny book was always going to be heavily sanitized to make it “FCC and PTC friendly”. I gave this show a chance and I could not get through the whole show for either of the first two episodes it was that horrendous.

There was moderate hype over the program because it featured William Shatner as the character modeled after Sam Halpern. I mean, come on, it’s William Freaking Shatner, right? Well not only does Shatner’s character rarely say anything funny (and this is exclusively because of the writers being limited to “safe” jokes)  but basically the whole atmosphere is ruined by that stupid laugh track. Just because you have a good actor in a lead role doesn’t mean the show will succeed, as everything depends on the script. I’m fairly certain this movie is clear-cut evidence of this.

The ONLY possible way for this sitcom to work is to put it away from network TV and shove it to either FX or if you still want to deal with Viacom, Comedy Central. Heck, take it a step further and put it on HBO or Showtime. I guarantee if Shit My Dad Says aired on HBO and was refined to air sort of like Curb Your Enthusiasm with no laugh track the show would be a hit. The main problem is you’ll have a very small audience, but would you rather have a crappy sitcom available to the masses or a consistently good one on a niche channel? To me any time a sitcom with offensive material hits network TV the creative control is gone and it just looks awful.

Enough is enough, CBS. Nearly all of your shows suck (luckily NBC “outsucks” all other networks on a weekly basis) so you might as well chop some of the dead weight. This is a waste of 30 minutes and while in theory the concept is good, the decision to air the show on network TV was suicidal and it’s nothing more than a leap of faith…..and at the bottom was a rough part of the Atlantic Ocean with hungry sharks ready to tear this lifeless show limb from limb. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see the show fail but it needs to go in a different, less censored direction. The days of Archie Bunker airing on the prime time network block are over so hopefully Justin Halpern learns there are far better outlets for his sitcom to succeed.


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