Your Apology is Too Late

Not pictured: The money that's clogging the toilet.

Toronto FC apologized to season ticket holders for another dumpster fire of a season, in which the club missed the MLS playoffs for the 4th year in a row. It’s too late if you ask me.

“We are sorry. For the way the season has played out and for not bringing the excitement of Major League Soccer [MLS] playoff soccer to BMO Field,” said the statement. “We fell short of our goals and more importantly, your expectations. But most of all, we are sorry for not listening better.

“Over the past four seasons you have shown the soccer world that Toronto FC has, bar-none, the best fans in MLS. Your passion and dedication has been unwavering and for that you deserve more than we have delivered this season.”

Some fans were unmoved. The North End Elite supporters group said it would “stand quietly” for home games Saturday and Oct. 19 in protest against ticket price increases.

“No chanting. No drums. No megaphone. No banners. No flags. Nothing,” the group said in a statement.


Bold emphasis is mine. This should be roughly translated to “BMO Field is a bit empty so let us butter you up and you’ll come back next season!”

Kudos to North End Elite for pretty much staging a protest against Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment and their obsession with the bottom line. Because that’s all that matters in business, right? Who cares how the team performs as long as you sell tickets, jerseys, beer, etc. to earn a profit? Toronto FC has long straddled the line between mediocrity and terrible for so long while 20,000+ showed up to BMO Field buying the merchandise and singing until they were hoarse. Now that it’s been four seasons and they’ve actually regressed from 2009 the “TFC Mania” has died down.

I believe that if the TFC supporter’s groups had taken it a bit further and not shown up at all I think it would’ve been completely justified. The idea that if you don’t attend the games when the team is losing doesn’t make you a real fan is faulty to me. You’re spending part of your  well-earned money nearly two dozen times per year on a mediocre product? That’s like taking a portion of your food budget and spending it on (Taco Bell product) every Saturday. I use Taco Bell as an example because it is an embarrassing excuse for Latin food in the same way Toronto FC is an embarrassing excuse of a pro soccer team.

Later in the article I’ve quoted there is admission that the club “screwed up”. Good! Step one is admitting you have a problem. Step two is to fix it PROPERLY. Because at this rate the more Toronto FC fails to deliver success the more they become like their NHL counterparts, the Maple Laffs Leafs.

I’ve probably exhausted my rantings on Toronto FC for the year and chances are I won’t be done for 2010. I’m still a fan and probably one of the few Americans who actually support a Canadian club in a North American league. This weekend the scum-sucking Columbus Crew come to town and I will watch the game on TV and evaluate the future of this club even though my eyes will be bleeding come full-time whistle. Don’t mess this up, MLSE. There will be changes and if you muck this up you just might get a Serbian experience in the near future.


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