Toronto FC 2 Columbus 2: Kill Me Now.

I was counting down the seconds until I could finally relish in watching the very Columbus Crew actually lose a game to Toronto FC. TFC was playing several second stringers as well as an academy graduate in Nicholas Lindsay. TFC actually played well and was up 2-1 with just stoppage time to play. A terrible week would be salvaged with an upset win!!!!

Well I’m a sucker. Will Hesmer scored in stoppage time off a corner (because god forbid TFC actually defends on set pieces) to make it 2-2. Will Hesmer is the Columbus goalkeeper. A poor clearance fell right to Hesmer and he showed better finishing than the majority of Toronto’s strikers in their history.

How fitting. Nothing like blowing another game late to the Crew. The crowd was largely subdued, some members in the crowd wore green to protest MLSE’s season-ticket price increase, while others decided not to sing and chant. The ending to this game summed up the team’s history – always coming up short.

Well I can’t even stomach this game it disgusts me. There were a few players who looked promising (Lindsay being one of them) but it would’ve been oh so sweet to put one over the Crew. I swear this team is cursed.

Game over man, game over.

My sports teams are exhausting. I need a nap.


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