The Morning Aftermath: Chicago Bears

Thou shalt not pass the Great Wall of Okung.

First written at Field Gulls.

Knee deep in work I managed to write up The Morning Aftermath: Chicago Bears. This was enjoyable to do because unlike the Chargers, the Chicago Bears are one of the most recognizable teams in football and play in a gigantic TV market. That’s more than enough to supply material for the week. If any Bears fans are reading this don’t be offended as this is simply a look at how other teams handle defeats.

Note there is coarse language involved so you’ve been warned…

In-Game: Forsett Scores Go-Ahead Touchdown

“4-1 was nice while it lasted. Hello 4-12”

“At least Lovie won’t be back next season…”

“Glad to see the Bears took the week off. Great preparation by this coaching staff”

“So how long until everyone else shows up?”

“the D is horrid looking…”

“Forsett scored and Julius is limping….just terrible.”

In-Game: Cutler Sacked by Big Play Babs for Safety

“One day the Bears might pick up the CB blitz….and the boo birds…..YES BOO THIS TEAM….”

“Cutler just got KILLED”

“Forte can’t put a block on to save his life.”

“Martz what the fuck quick hitter off the line maybe??”

“Put C Williams back at LT?”

“Shuffling the chairs on the deck of the Titanic may make you feel better, but it won’t change the fact that you’re still fucked.”

“I officially HATE the mike martz offense….I dont care if they come back to lead in the NFL in offense yards and points scored……I hate that man….”

“On that safety, why did Omiyale decide it was more important to double team the DL than to stay put and block the blitzing corner that wasn’t even hiding the fact that he was blitzing?”

In-Game: Random Moments When Cutler Was Sacked

Frank Omiyale is so bad”

“everyone talks about how Jay throws off his back foot and throws fading away, whatever. He never plants his feet to throw straight because HE FREAKING CAN’T, dude has ZERO time to plant his feet and stand tall in the pocket.”

“Cutler is going to die”

“That’s embarrassing. How do you give a guy that much of a free lane to the QB down by the goalline. They need to go max protect with this line.”

“The Bears tried to block a DT w/ a TE…”

“Instead of seeing a DB coming on a blitz, Omiyale and Webb look around and let them come untouched”

“there has to be other lineman out of the league, on the bench,stocking groceries, that can play better than these guys.”

In-game comments were selected from Windy City Gridiron, Football’s Future, and Chi City Sports. For the most part several of the game threads I read though were not active like FG but I didn’t go through every Chicago Bears website known to man. The post-game rants were however absolutely riotous, especially from those who did attend the game.

Speaking of post-game let’s advance towards a little bit of rational thought….

Post-Game: Hate Lovie Relationship

Cutler shows up healthy and the running game gets avoided like a turd on the sidewalk. What gives?

Our team was unprepared and unmotivated. It’s that simple. The blame lies with Lovie alone.

This management style is familiar to me. It’s called leading by being an aloof prick while allowing middle management to make good with what they have. When things go wrong, just blame it on the underlings.

There were flashes of brilliance by some players. Hester still has it. There’s nothing wrong with Cutler, but waiting for his head to come rolling off in his brain bucket on each offensive play is very disturbing. Does anyone on the coaching staff care? Speedy Johnny Knox looked like the all-pro he will one day be, given the right circumstances. Taylor caught a very nice screen pass and showed he knows how and where to run. Screen pass? What’s that? So what did Forte do to piss Lovie or Martz off?

The defense was so flat they looked like a Country Buffet Sunday morning breakfast platter. They were caught way out of position on most plays. Was the loss of Briggs that big of a factor? Will Urlacher ever find a mean streak? Tillman is a talented player but he’s inconsistent and unreliable as was the entire defense.

The Bears have many talented players. They should look better while winning and aggressive when losing, O-line aside. They show neither.

The blame lies with the field management. How long will it take for the McCrustys to realize this? When contracts expire, I guess, that’s the cheapskate way out.

This putrid vomit is sitting in Lovie’s lap alone. Stupid is what stupid does.

If the Bears had the best roster in the league I guarantee you would not see a better product. – Gerry From Valpo of Fire Angelo, Lovie, Mike, and Rod just focuses his attention on Lovie Smith

Post-Game: Offensive Offense

We’ve watched, not only a quarterback, but receivers regress. The offensive line was in it’s 4th configuration on Sunday and it looks to be due for another adjustment in the near future. Chris Williams has officially certified his status as a bust, as far as I’m concerned. Brandon Manumaleuna, who was specifically brought here for his blocking abilities, cannot, by all accounts, play at the NFL level. Mike Martz refuses to run a football (what a surprise, it’s not like he did that anywhere else). Lovie Smith throws away time-outs like they’re going out of style. Matt Forte couldn’t pick up a blitz to save his life, and… Ok, I’m just ranting now…

The Bears offense is in bad shape, yes. BUT the ONLY light at the end of this tunnel, flickers ever so lightly, with the knowledge that — we should have seen this coming. Offenses need time to grow. Offensive lines cannot be expected to play well when there’s a new combination every week. Jay Cutler cannot be expect to play well when he’s getting sacked 5 times a game. The running backs cannot be expected to get 4 & 5 yards per carry when they can’t get a block — or reps for that matter. Jay Cutler had this to say after the game: “We’ve got to figure it out. It’s becoming a problem. It’s on me. It’s on the line. It’s on the receivers.” Could not have said it better myself Jay.

I put this stat out on my Twitter page on Monday: As a franchise, when starting the season 4-2 (despite being a winning record), the Bears have gone on to make the playoffs only 27% of the time. Here’s to hoping the Bears can defy the odds. – Darren Doxey of Bears Hibernation tells Bears fans to drop the Kool-Aid and look at reality.

Eating Crow: Some Rage, Lots of Props

(via AlecBoy006)

I chose this video because this guy in the midst of being incredibly pissed off didn’t come off like a stumbling bar drunk and he gave lots of credit to Russell Okung, which sold me. Only thing I noticed is he called Roy Lewis “Michael Lewis” but I guess that’s not surprising as Lewis only recently became a part of this defense in his 2nd sting with Seattle. Side note, did you know Lewis has a Super Bowl ring? He won it with the Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII.

Eating Crow II: FIX IT!

(via ponced6)

In conclusion, the Bears fans are (justifiably) not too pleased with Mike Martz’s “offense”, which is the equivalent of either driving a sports car at 80 MPH or having it come to a complete stop, Mike Tice’s offensive line coaching, and while it never really showed in this particular post I can’t say there is a lot of fuzzy feelings towards Rod Marinelli. Basically it feels like this is the worst 4-2 team of all-time. I’ve sorta followed Chicago’s play and I can only assume that no playoffs equals a gigantic house cleaning. If that house cleaning involves a knee-jerk Cutler trade I hope John Schneider can salvage him before he’s decapitated.

As far as the Seahawks go, it’s the most happy I’ve been with a road performance in 3 years. Matt Hasselbeck played well and I’m grateful he didn’t have a game-changing turnover despite his best efforts on two separate occasions. Gus Bradley may have had an “aha!” moment after Kyle Orton spent weeks in the backfield looking for receivers and is using effective, intelligent blitzes. Big Play Babs is a pain in the ass to watch on normal plays but man does he show up at opportune times. BeastMode is off to an auspicious start. This is the most optimistic I’ve been about a Seahawks team since we won the division against Arizona 42-21. Coincidentally we have a fairly huge game against those bastards this weekend.

That is all for this week’s TMA, I’m glad I pretty much won the lottery at school and managed to do this when I initially did not have the ample time to write this.



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