I….I don’t know what to say. He’s not even going to be head coach or GM and I’m excited. Jurgen Klinsmann will be hired by Toronto FC as team consultant to fix the problems the club is facing!

It appears as though Toronto FC have found their man.

According to a report in the Globe and Mail, Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment are in the final stages of negotiating a consulting role for German soccer legend Juergen Klinsmann and his California-based company Soccer Solutions.

The Globe is reporting that Klinsmann will be given free reign to rebuild the franchise as he sees fit.  While he will not assume the role of general manager or coach, he will choose the permanent replacements for Mo Johnston and Preki, who were fired mid-season.

In their fourth season in Major League Soccer, Toronto FC disappointed fans as they missed the playoffs once again and angered supporters by raising season ticket prices despite the team under-performing on the field.

I’m sold. He should know how MLS works and if there’s any team that needs fixing, it’s this one. I have flogged this horse to death but Klinsmann is sure going to try and revive it.

I begged and pleaded for Klinsmann to take over the US Men’s National Team because Bob Bradley is inept no matter what his “accomplishments” state….but heaven forbid we actually give the man 100% control of the team!! That doesn’t make nearly as much sense as giving Bradley another World Cup cycle to play his same favorite formation with the same 16 players.

Now he’s going north of the border with his tool kit and Toronto is indeed a “Mo Free Zone”.

Work your magic, please. Danke!


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