Disaster: Raiders 33 Seahawks 3

This offense sucks and the defense is falling apart at the seams. If by any chance this team is 4-5 after the Cardinals game then the St. Louis Rams are your division champions.

The offensive line is banged up and atrocious. Matt Hasselbeck is right now one of the 5 worst QBs in football. John Lynch is unquestionably one of the 5 worst TV analysts in football.

This game was pathetic and I knew we would get blown out. This is why I wasn’t jumping for joy despite a 4-2 record because I still see it likely they collapse to 7-9 or 6-10. There are many problems with the team but it starts at QB. Seattle has to make that change and make it now. Charlie Whitehurst just entered the game for mop-up duty…..make that switch permanent.


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