NFL Week 8 Picks

Eeked out an 8-6 record to move to 62-42 on the season. It’s Halloween today and I can certainly think of a few people in football today who can show up as themselves and scare people (ahem)Al Davis(ahem). Stay safe out there and don’t pass off cough drops as candy.

NY Jets over Packers
Cowboys over Jaguars
Broncos over 49ers (to London: we’re sorry)
Chiefs smash Bills
Redskins over Lions
Rams kill Panthers
Dolphins over Bengals

Titans over Chargers
Raiders 27 Seahawks 13
Cardinals over Bucs
Patriots over FAVRE

Steelers thrash Saints

Colts 69 Texans 62

The live blog is here, please behave properly because if you don’t you will be banned and/or slaughtered.


Sound off.....

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