Try Again, Shanahan

“It was just that last drive, there was no timeouts, I thought it gave us the best chance to win,” Shanahan told Michael. “I’ve got a quarterback who’s very familiar, he’s run the two-minute offense probably 100 more times than Donovan has run it, and we were going with different formations, and so I thought it was the best thing for our football team to give it a chance to win. Obviously the pressure got to us on the first play.” – 10/31

“The cardiovascular endurance that it takes to run a two-minute, going all the way down with no timeouts, calling plays, it’s just not easy. If I thought it was the best situation to do, then Donovan would have run the two-minute offense.” – 11/1


WHA?????????? That can’t be right. Mike Shanahan blew a gasket and forgot to apply common sense and situational thinking. We all know Rex Grossman is famous for his two-minute drives, right?

I now officially welcome Donovan McNabb with open arms. Hopefully Minnesota completes their implosion beyond Randy Moss’ release today and Seattle becomes a desirable place for him to finish his career off in style. Talents like Golden Tate, Mike Williams, and Deon Butler are being wasted with the now noodle-armed Matt Hasselbeck out there. It is quite clear that Mike Shanahan has no interest in keeping Donovan McNabb and he’s running through some of the most ridiculous and preposterous excuses I’ve ever heard a head coach say. McNabb is a 12 year veteran who has already been in several close games this year so I doubt it’s a case of “not being in shape” or “not knowing the two-minute offense” because Rex Grossman is a disastrous QB.

When Matt Hasselbeck retires after breaking in two from his 19th self-sack of the season it’ll give John Schneider the option of “win now” or “franchise QB” and have it combine into one. Seattle can sign McNabb once his contract expires and he becomes a free agent, and they can go on and draft Andrew Luck or Cam Newton in April.

I’d like to elaborate a little more on my far-fetched fantasies but I do not think I can break 400 words for this post. I’m a little out of shape and I have cardiovascular issues that could prevent me from completing this in the next few minutes. I don’t have a backup so this post will end for the sake of my health….


2 thoughts on “Try Again, Shanahan

  1. jfein

    Seattle is an interesting option for McNabb. McNabb is not a QB that can take a bad team like Washington and make them good. Andy Reid said he wanted to “do right by Donovan” by trading him here, and frankly, I am yet to see what he was talking about. If Seattle can maintain a solid running game and continue the success of their WRs, especially Mike Williams, the prospect intrigues me. With McNabb though, you will have to deal with the wormballs and the overthrows.

    And for what it’s worth, my gut is telling me Seattle will get Randy Moss.


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