A New Era Begins(?)

Matt Hasselbeck is out after the offensive line forgot to block people, so Charlie Whitehurst gets the nod for his first career start. Either this works or it doesn’t. There are three outcomes to this Sunday’s game against the New York Giants for Charlie Whitehurst:

1.) He gets swallowed up by New York’s ferocious pass rush and we’re completely screwed at QB until we hit the jackpot in the NFL Draft.

2.) He performs admirably, not enough to win the starting job, but enough to solidify himself as a solid backup/fringe starter.

3.) He plays like he’s a 10 year veteran and not a clipboard god, Seattle feels comfortable starting him over the ineffective Hasselbeck and benches Matt for the remainder of the season as Charlie leads the team to a first round bye.


#1 is probably going to happen but while I fear Whitehurst could get smashed to bits I’d rather find out now than waste a season watching him sit on the bench when our current starting QB is playing poorly and our o-line is once again ravaged with injuries.


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