VIDEO OF THE DAY: Michael Vick Torches Redskins

While Michael Vick managed to eliminate me from my fantasy league (1-9 baby!) by refusing to get LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin in the end zone, he had a decent performance against the Washington Redskins. He became the first QB to throw for over 300 yards, rush for over 50, throw 4 TDs and rush for 2 more in a single game. Simply put, millions of people witnessed one of the greatest individual performances in the history of the NFL. I have to applaud Andy Reid for making this work out because I thought Vick was going to stay in the mold of being a very dangerous runner but an inaccurate passer. Instead I now totally blame Jim Mora for Vick not developing in Atlanta and think Reid should get consideration for Coach of the Year.

I expect this video to get taken down so download it as fast as you can. Here are all six of his touchdowns in the Eagles’ 59-28 smoking of the ‘Skins.

It’s been an amazing year for “Mikes”. Mike Vick has had a phenomenal resurgence in Philadelphia and it looks like they’re the top team in the NFC East, and Mike Williams has 46 catches for the Seattle Seahawks after being out of football completely for two whole seasons. I wonder who they’ll give Comeback Player of the Year to? I’m thinking it’s Vick at this point.

As for the Redskins? Time to pack up and go, Shanahan. Daniel Snyder still needs to ruin the team and he’s running out of people to ruin each season.


One thought on “VIDEO OF THE DAY: Michael Vick Torches Redskins

  1. Justin F.

    The funniest part was Albert Haynesworth laying on the field as Vick was throwing the TD pass to make it 51-21 (52-21 after the PAT). He barely tried to get back up.


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