DOUBLE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Worst Miss in Soccer History; USA Beats South Africa

This video is only now catching on and it’s spreading like a virus. In the Asian Games quarterfinals match between Qatar and Uzbekistan, with the score deadlocked 0-0 in the 90th minute, Qatar had a chance to win the game and then followed it up with the worst miss in the history of the sport.

Khalfan Fahad missed an open goal and shot it with his left foot for reasons I don’t understand. Guess who won the game? You guessed it, Uzbekistan took it 1-0. I’m sure Fahad feels awful as that was just a pathetic finish under no pressure at all.


Now to give you an actual finish, the USA beat South Africa in Cape Town in a friendly 1-0. The American squad consisted mostly of kids making their debut, a few veterans like Jonathan Spector and Jonathan Bornstein, and some more young but inexperienced players. Unlike the senior team the kiddies actually played well and got a W over a relatively 100% South African A team. The hero for the game was Juan Agudelo, a 17-year-old phenom born in Colombia but grew up in New Jersey and chose to play for the US. In the 85th minute the New York Red Bulls forward scored the winning goal, silencing the partisan South African crowd.

Not a bad way to make your debut! It’s just a friendly but at least there is some hope after all that we will have quality forwards in the future. Speaking of which, today better be the final time Robbie Findley puts on a US Men’s National Team shirt. I am sick and tired of miss after miss after miss from Findley and for all of his speed he doesn’t accomplish the “scoring goals” part of playing striker.


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