Brian Billick is a Maniac With a Microphone And He Must Be Stopped

FOX does a lot of things wrong with their NFL coverage. Brian Billick is their biggest mistake and he’s gotten progressively worse since I first heard him in 2008. I don’t understand the praise this guy gets because oh my god he is not only dull but he says some stupid stuff throughout the course of the game. The Saints game yesterday might have been the tipping point. I’m going to have to use bullets for this to explain why I think he sucks and has to be dragged out of the broadcasting booth…dead or alive.

  • He picks a word and falls in love with it. Last year he picked “verbiage” and repeated it throughout the broadcast during Seahawks @ 49ers. Later that year when Seattle played Arizona he added “sugar huddle” to his stock set of phrases. Yesterday he picked “envelop” to describe how Mike Williams and Marques Colston catch the ball. I honestly wonder if he learns certain words the night before a game and then just decides to run with it in his commentary.
  • Mispronunciations and all-around botching of player names. “Kurt Leinart”, “Karlos Dansbury”, “Matt HasselBACK”, “Josh Grant” (Deon Grant), “Ray Wiliams” (Ray Willis), etc. Most of these guys were in the league when Billick was still head coach. Heck, shouldn’t there be a player chart in the booth already? How does Billick mess this up over and over again?
  • Utter lack of knowledge of the rules. Last week in the Cardinals game Derek Anderson stupidly sacked himself near the sidelines instead of throwing the ball away and preserving the field goal position. Billick proceeded to say that Anderson was smart for not throwing it away and risking intentional grounding. Now it totally makes sense as to why Kyle Boller busted in the NFL. AS LONG AS THE QB IS OUTSIDE THE POCKET AND THROWS BEYOND THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE THERE IS NO INTENTIONAL GROUNDING!!!!!!! Goodness Billick.
  • Comments that make you go “WTF?”. Below is a sampling of Billick’s worst…
  • “Can three teams get in from the NFC South? Not likely. It’s been a while. Especially from the NFC South.”

  • “Kick us touchdowns.”

  • “And that knocks Seattle out of field goal range.” (How is the NEW ORLEANS 33 yard line out of field goal range? Especially since it’s in a dome!!!!)

  • “This is good for Seattle. They have plenty of time to score.” (This is the comment that irked me. The Seahawks were at the 1 with over 2:00 to go and the Saints had called a timeout. Not only did Billick call it good for Seattle despite the two minute warning, available timeouts, and the fact that they were at the ONE YARD LINE, he declared the Saints to have “great arrogance to call timeout”.)



I’m tired of listening to him and the painfully boring and just as mistake-prone Thom Brennaman. How is it that FOX’s top 3 NFL play-by-play guys are all sons of far superior broadcasters?

Please fire Billick. He is a horrible analyst who adds nothing to the broadcast other than nonsense. With Brad Childress out as Vikings head coach hopefully he decides he’s better at coaching and gets the Minnesota job. Anything to get this buffoon off the broadcasting airwaves.


9 thoughts on “Brian Billick is a Maniac With a Microphone And He Must Be Stopped

    1. Mookie Post author

      You meant John Lynch, right? Or are you Brian Billick?

      Look man I appreciate the comments but linking to that jersey site over and over again borders on spam and you have to cut it out. Linking to it in your username is just fine though.

  1. Justin F.

    While not as good as good as his father, Kenny Albert is a very good announcer in his own right. He is certainly the best announcer Fox has.

    As far as Billick goes, I don’t think I have heard him do a game this year, so I really can’t comment on him. I have actually heard mostly good things about his analysis, so I would be intrigued to hear one of them as you clearly think he is awful.

    1. Mookie Post author

      Green Bay/Atlanta is a Brennaman/Bililck game. You’ll probably get that one.

      Albert is the best FOX has but he’s not as good as his dad. Thom and especially Buck vaulting to top NFL spots though has to be nepotism because they were the top men on baseball and middling football men before the 2000s.

      1. Justin F.

        Chances are I’ll miss most of that game, unfortunately. I may watch an hour or so of it, but then I am heading back to campus in time to catch the start of the Eagles game. Figures the one day Fox actually has a decent looking, non-Eagles early game on. :-/

  2. mike

    Thank you for this post! These are all things that drive me nuts while watching football games Billick calls. He MUST be FIRED! It’s so bad I almost want to start a petition.

    1. Mookie Post author

      He made a ton of boxing references and said Green Bay and Atlanta were trading body blow after body blow, which tells me he doesn’t watch much boxing.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree! I very rarely have anything to say about broadcasters or analysts because there job entails a certain amount of mindless blabbering, but Brian Billick is the Michael Jordan of lazy, misguided egotistical analysts. His power rankings on are a joke… This week for example, the Eagles at #4!? I mean come on! Those were two of the luckiest sloppiest wins in the entire NFL this season. The Seahawks 9 spots below the team they beat by 20 points? Obviously A team can rank above a team they lost to, but 9 spots? After a Decisive beatdown on national TV? The 2-0 Cardinals behind TEN 1-1 teams? Giants at 7 after losing to the Cowboys and then beating the Bucs? And the worst part is his articles are even worse. Good lord, FOX, get rid of this guy.


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