Change Your Bookmarks!

This is a reminder to change your bookmarks. It’s not for my blog, but according to the statistics you do go to this person’s site.

Regular blog commenter JFein created Fire Andy Reid Now! in 2008 after the Bengals tied the Eagles 13-13. Since then Andy Reid has earned himself another 15 years of early playoff exits and NFC Championship heartbreak. He’s also become very successful and is in the process of becoming a staff member for the Philadelphia Union blog, The Brotherly Game.

Long story short, his blog is no longer “Fire Andy Reid Now”, it’s called “Comeback Complete” to honor the Philadelphia Flyers’ 3-0 series comeback against the Boston Bruins in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs. He’s no longer JFein either, and if you’ve noticed it has changed to Justin F.

I’ve been lazy with this so please, PLEASE change your bookmarks to the new URL provided below to visit his website. I’ve changed it on the blogroll as well. Unfortunately he deleted his old blogspot domain so anything linking to FARN no longer exists.

3 thoughts on “Change Your Bookmarks!

      1. Justin F.

        I contacted them today, and apparently I am competing against other people. Of course, the question I asked was, “when will I be able to access TBG as a writer?”

        That could have gone better.


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