NFL Thanksgiving 2010 – Predictions

I’m thankful for my stellar 12-4 record last week, boosting me to 99-62 on the year. Unfortunately there isn’t much to be thankful about for tomorrow, as I fully expect all three games to be stinkers. Maybe the Lions and Cowboys will bring something to the table since Detroit has been competitive despite a 2-8 record, and Dallas has won two straight under Jason Garrett.


New England Patriots 27 Detroit Lions 14. I’d love for even one sack by Ndamukong Suh on Tom Brady. That for me is a big enough victory. I cannot stand the New England Patriots but they sure are making a great run to disprove my theory that they’re an aging team on the decline.

New Orleans Saints 41 Dallas Cowboys 20. Dallas will keep the game close and then Drew Brees will justify my decision to start him in fantasy football and just destroy that terrible Dallas secondary. That will once and for all end any hope of a Cowboys resurgence and send them to a top 12 draft pick.

New York Jets by whatever they want over the Cincinnati Bengals. Why oh why did ANYONE buy the Bengals hype? I thought that they would struggle in 2010 since they lost at home to the Jets in last season’s wild card game. Then in my AFC preview I predicted a 7-9 season for them and it looks like they’ll get to 9 losses tomorrow night. Carson Palmer is finished and I can’t be convinced otherwise. He is essentially a better version of Matt Hasselbeck and his steep decline will be ugly to watch. Mark Sanchez is going to outplay his USC predecessor and frankly this game will be over by halftime.


There will be no posts on Thursday so go make your turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, rolls, etc. and enjoy the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.



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