Two Men Fighting = James Harrison Roughing the Passer

Okay NFL, tell me how this makes sense.

Andre Johnson threw punches (landed one) and Cortland Finnegan intentionally ripped off Johnson’s helmet and pretty much started the whole thing in the first place. Neither man was suspended for something that would’ve amounted to arrests if it had escalated further and was outside a football field.

James Harrison was fined $25K yet again for a roughing the passer on Buffalo Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. I think the call itself was debatable and Harrison has been fined seemingly every week. The most preposterous and stupid call I’ve heard (leading to a $20,000 fine) was when he was called for roughing the Oakland Raiders’ Jason Campbell by “landing with his full body weight on top of him”. Are you serious? Is the NFL blatantly making up these bogus roughing rules as they go along?

Richard Seymour was ejected after a cheap shot on Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The price? A $25,000 fine and no suspension.

So in summary, acting outside of the context of the game and resorting to using your fists is equal to or slightly less than roughing the passer, which is the most subjective penalty in football today. What message is the NFL trying to send? I’d like to see the total amount of fines paid by the players this year and see how it stacks up compared to previous years. For a league so hellbent on enforcing rules an regulations, they’re really not making things clear with their fines and lack of suspensions.


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