YES! Nick Garcia Released by Toronto FC




Toronto FC parted ways with three more players Friday, continuing its roster revamp.

The Major Soccer League side opted not to pick up the 2011 options on 19-year-old Ethiopian forward Fuad Ibrahim, 19-year-old Gambian midfielder Amadou Sanyang and veteran defender Nick Garcia.

Soccer’s Brian Russell is out of here and I can sleep a little easier knowing this defense WILL suck less next year. There wasn’t a bigger liability on defense in the history of Toronto FC than Nick Garcia. Among other things he was slow, often out of position, and was clumsy. He scored in his own net, lost the ball in his own half, and once kicked the ball off of GK Stefan Frei and it went right into the path of a Columbus Crew player….who of course scored. He was a horrendous center back, played better at left back but still wasn’t that good, and I can’t say I’ll miss his services.
I don’t hold much opinion over the other releases. A quick judgement is Ibrahim might be a good forward but he was pretty bad whenever he got on the pitch. I liked Amadou Sanyang but he was reckless.
But back to the main story, there is no more Nick Garcia on Toronto FC. That is more than enough reason to celebrate because I cannot justify his contract (thanks Mo Johnston!) nor  his continual place in the starting XI. At least with Brian Russell I can look back and laugh at the foul-ups he’s made, but Garcia will make me cringe for years to come as he is the prime example of how garbage TFC has been.
Oh the joys of another rebuild!

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