Leonard Garcia “Defeats” Nam Phan

Dear MMA judges,

When Leonard Garcia swings wildly like a drunkard and lands absolutely nothing or does land something but with minimal power/effectiveness, you do NOT score the round for him!!!! Nam Phan was robbed tonight of a win against Leonard Garcia on The Ultimate Fighter 12 Season Finale.

Garcia was badly beaten up in the 2nd round and clearly lost the 1st round so I don’t know how the judges could’ve seen it for him. I scored it a clean sweep 30-27 Phan but obviously I was very wrong. It never fails with this guy. Any fight he is in it ends in a split decision. Nam Phan landed the harder shots, visibly rocked Garcia, had control of Garcia’s back in the 2nd round, and yet he lost the fight.

MMA judging is atrocious and if you look at….pretty much all of Garcia’s fights in the last 2 years the pattern is common – It goes to a decision and win or lose he manages to get the W on at least one judge’s scorecard.

At the final bell Phan raised his arms in victory while Garcia, clearly exhausted, went and shook his head as if he had been defeated.

Clearly these judges are so amazed by Garcia’s aggressiveness to the point of forgetting you need to be effective too. I’m pissed off because AGAIN Garcia has gotten a win despite clearly losing the fight. In April he had an epic war with Chan Sung Jung at WEC 48 but somehow he got the split decision win. The show is on tape delay and I have avoided all spoilers so this is the only post I’ll have on this show and on the fights in general.

The scorecards were 30-27 Phan, and 29-28 2x for Garcia and the decision was met with a chorus of boos. Garcia even admitted Phan won the fight and wanted a rematch.

I can’t blame Leonard Garcia for refusing to change his ridiculously sloppy style when incompetent judges are rewarding him. Garcia should be on a long long losing streak right now and while I love his fights (sloppy as they are) he is being let off the hook for his reckless fighting by people who are incapable of performing their jobs correctly.


Sound off.....

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