VIDEO OF THE DAY: Leon Washington Tackled by Punter

Now you may be wondering why I didn’t post Lofa Tatupu’s game-changing pick 6 instead of the video I’m about to show you…..well fantastic touchdowns that silence my criticisms of Tats don’t sell and probably don’t get page views. If the play was against the Denver Broncos I’d post it in a heartbeat, but now there isn’t as much to hate about them now that Josh McDaniels is unemployed.

Leon Washington managing to lose out to the punter when all he had to do was beat him to get a touchdown? It needs to be shown to more than just the small percentage of people who actually watched that game.

There are three things that stand out for me:

1.) Chris Rose is a horrible play-by-play man. Mostly because of his voice (as evidenced by his voice nearly breaking) and partly because what he actually says is just annoying. What the heck is “Wall of Humanity”?

2.) Ross Tucker is worse.

3.) Leon celebrated way too early. I love Leon Washington and he’s already the greatest Seahawks returner in franchise history. However you should NEVER get tackled by the punter especially when you’ve run past him. I can’t laugh at this because although Marshawn Lynch scored anyway, the Seahawks have got to be one of the worst teams scoring from 1-4 yards out. That could’ve been the difference between guaranteed 7 or a patented Hasselception.

So remember Leon, run full speed to the end zone and you’ll be in the Pro Bowl in no time! We need you this weekend at San Francisco because the offense is too busy injuring each other.


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