Colts @ Titans Prediction

Why do the Colts suck so much this year? Is it the Super Bowl Loser’s Curse? If Indy is affected surely it must be true!! Their running game is comically bad, their defense is getting sliced, they have no return game, Bob Sanders is injured…..oh wait that’s how it’s been for the last 3 seasons.

Well it seems the new problems this year is the Colts are playing scrubs for receivers (and Reggie Wayne) and Peyton Manning is being forced to pass early and often. Now that he’s struggling the weaknesses of the Colts are finally being exposed, injuries or no injuries this is a really bad team when Peyton Manning is not playing well.

I wouldn’t say it would be crazy to pick the Tennessee Titans just based on Chris Johnson possibly walking his way past that Swiss Cheese the Colts call a defense…..but I can’t force myself to believe Kerry Collins will play even average football. The Titans have quit on the season and this is going to be a Colts win.

Indianapolis 30 Tennessee 20


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