Seahawks WR Mike Williams Might Play Against the 76ers

I….I can’t believe this.

I know the San Francisco 49ers are pretty bad but the Philadelphia 76ers are even worse. If they suck at basketball how are they going to do well in football? They don’t even have a full football roster!

Oh, pay attention to the quote “expected to play” because…..

He is actually uncertain! And unrelated but who is the “Coles” who plays DE for the Eagles? Did Trent Cole change his name?

And lastly….


So to summarize:

  • Mike Williams is expected to play through injury and face the 76ers.
  • …Except he isn’t. Ben Obomanu and Mike Williams are uncertain to play.
  • Mike Williams is a game-time decision.
  • Eagles DE Trent Coles was fined by the NFL for his hit on Matt Schaub.


The article was published at 4:36 PM so it’s been an hour and 45 minutes and this still has not been changed. Inexcusable but oh so hilarious.


One thought on “Seahawks WR Mike Williams Might Play Against the 76ers

  1. Justin F.

    I don’t think there is a typo here at all. Mike Williams is healthy enough to play basketball against the 76ers (and really, who couldn’t play against them and have success regardless of health), but he is not healthy enough to play a football game against the 49ers. Obviously.

    //Is today “National Editors Take A Day Off Day?”


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