NFL Week 14 Picks

10-6 last week, 1-0 this week on the Thursday Night game. It’s a winter wonderland in Minneapolis and the Giants/Vikings game has been postponed to Monday night at 7:20 PM ET at Ford Field in Detroit after the Metrodome roof collapsed under the heavy snow.

So with that this is just a 13 game Sunday. Here we go!!

Browns over Bills
Steelers over Bengals
Bucs over Redskins
Falcons over Panthers
Packers over Lions
Jaguars over Raiders

Saints over Rams
49ers 20 Seahawks 3
Bears over Patriots
Broncos over Cardinals
Chargers over Chiefs
Jets over Dolphins

Eagles over Cowboys

Ravens over Texans

Giants over Vikings

Live blog is here! Enjoy Week 14 everyone.


2 thoughts on “NFL Week 14 Picks

  1. Chris Taus

    It took a couple of weeks to repair the tear. If i remember right they had to fly in a repair patch. I dont know if the repair pieces are more available now or not or if the dome has what is needed to do the repair.
    any way an open air game would be great. Favre always played well in the cold with adversity maybe he can recapture the magic again.

    1. Mookie Post author

      The Vikings have a Monday night game next week, don’t they? Wonder where they’ll play then because the other stadium the Gophers play I believe is closed.

      Hopefully Favre can get the last bit of magic out now instead of lingering into next season…again.

      Fitting picture of the Vikes’ season…the roof caved in on them.


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